Is There a Difference Between a Sub and a Slave?

Is There a Difference Between a Sub and a Slave?
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Is There a Difference Between a Sub and a Slave?

Is There a Difference Between a Sub and a Slave?

With a boost of interest in sub/dom play over the recent years, many people like to ask questions about bondage and roleplay. One of the most commonly asked questions surrounds the difference between a submissive and a slave. Most people don’t know what separates the two roles, and even more people aren’t aware that there’s a difference at all. However, there is a difference, and it’s important that you know what it is before getting involved in BDSM.

The Gift of Choice

The main difference between a sub and a slave is ‘choice’. Simply put, a sub has more choice than a slave. The choices of a submissive include having a safety word, the safety word can be used when things become overwhelming or painful for the sub. This word is something chosen and agreed on beforehand so that the submissive always has a way out. This agreement safeguards both the submissive and the master. On the other hand, A slave doesn’t get a safety word. Their purpose is to serve their master and/ or mistress until they’re dismissed; unlike a sub, a slave has no choice and no voice. If they oppose their master, they’ll be punished in a way that their dom deems necessary.

It’s a 24-Hour Thing

A submissive can explore their fantasies as little or as often as he or she likes. Whereas a slave is a full-time occupation; no matter what time it is, the slave must be ready to serve their master. Being a slave is not a title that he or she can remove as they wish. It can take a slave a long time to earn their right to serve their commander on a full-time basis, and once they do, they’re not permitted to serve anyone else. A submissive on the other hand can be more promiscuous and seek out as many doms as he/she desires.

Many slaves start off as submissives. Being a submissive enables them to discover where their boundaries lie. If they enjoy being punished to an extreme, they can progress to the status of ‘slave’. So, make sure you know which one (sub or slave) appeals to you before you go any further in regard to exploring your fantasies.

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