Why Men Like to Be Dominated

Why Men Like to Be Dominated
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Why Men Like to Be Dominated

Why Men Like to Be Dominated

Although males are stereotypically thought of as the all-powerful gender, an increasing number of men fantasize about having a woman take control. When it comes to surrendering their free will, there are a variety of reasons as to why men enjoy being dominated by a controlling, sassy, and alluring woman. For some, it provides relief from the stress of a highly responsible job, a job in which everyone around them looks up to them; however, for others, they simply enjoy being told what to do because being in the driver’s seat scares them more than anything else in the world.

Mens Desire to Give Up Control

This deep, burning desire to be dominated doesn’t mean that there’s something with the man in question. After all, we all have our kinks, so, the fact that there are men who love to be stripped of their dignity is something they should be ashamed of. You wouldn’t believe how many powerful men in the world get their kicks by having a woman trample all over their self-worth. While they may be the most alpha, assertive man during their day-to-day life, when they’re in the company of their mistress, they’re reduced to rubble.

When it comes to powerful men and BDSM, nothing is more liberating than to have a woman put a collar around their necks and take them for a walk. Being led like a puppy is a dream come true for these thrill-seekers as it allows them to be playful, affectionate, and submissive, something they’re unable to do on a daily basis.

The Submissive Man

While there are plenty of women who wish to have their white knight whisk them off into the sunset, living up to this expectation can be daunting for some guys. So, rather than being the one that does the saving, they’d much rather have a woman come to their rescue. Men like this know that they don’t have what it takes to be in the one in control, so, getting pushed around by a mistress is what they hope for.

Getting a good, hard slap from a desirable dominatrix for disobeying an order is something that submissive guys get off on. What may seem like pain/torture to the uninitiated is actually very pleasurable for the those who take on the role of sub in BDSM. You’ll often find that a mistress won’t provide their sub with sexual relief, instead, they’ll make the man beg her for a release. Should the femdom ever bring her submissive to climax, it’s bound to be one of the most explosive orgasms he could ever hope to have.

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