Why Women Like to Be Dominated

Why Women Like to Be Dominated
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Why Women Like to Be Dominated

Why Women Like to Be Dominated

Despite the fact that women have gained their independence and are able to live life on their own terms, there’s still something about a dominating masculine figure that draws them in. When in the company of a strong, authoritative man, women feel protected, it’s this feeling of safety that still attracts women, regardless of their professional successes. It’s important to note that a woman who has her life together won’t just submit to any man, the man she surrenders herself to must be someone she deems worthy of her. More and more we’re beginning to see strong, assertive women take on positions of authority in the workplace, however, once they return home to their partner, they become submissive. This is only possible because she holds the man in her to life to a high regard, so, when in his company, she allows him to take the lead.

The Attraction to the Alpha Male

Some women say they enjoy being dominated/controlled by a powerful man because it allows them to sit back and enjoy life without having to worry. In certain cases, the woman may actually be the one who is leading the relationship, but on occasion, she’ll indulge in the act of roleplay so that she can enjoy being in the position of an obedient woman. Giving up all means of control is often described as liberating and if done right, the sexual pleasure that can be gleaned from it will be intense. When surrendering sexually to a calm, alpha male type, women feel safe enough to be honest about their sexual desires. In the arms of a strong man, women know they won’t be judged for their wants when it comes to intimacy, therefore, they have no reason to hold back.

When it comes to being dominated, you’ll find that some women won’t be able to verbally communicate what it is they like about it; they may even think that their kinks aren’t something they should ever give into, but still, they’re unable to resist the urge. What makes a woman want to surrender herself over to a man goes far beyond how much money her earns or how attractive he is. It’s a primal instinct that feeds into their need of being taken by a competent male, much like how you see in the animal kingdom.

Being ordered about in the bedroom is where many women will draw the line; when it comes to their day-to-day living, having a man tell them what to do is out of the question. It’s even believed that the more socially dominant the woman, the more submissive she’ll be with her sexual partner. When the time is right, she’ll want her lover to treat her like the sexual being she is; the last thing she’ll want is a man who is afraid to have his way with her as she wants to experience the feeling of what it’s like to be truly desired.

The History of Sex

When it comes to women and their attraction to alpha males, the biological incentives can’t be ignored. In the early days, women were dependent on capable men for their survival, especially during the times in which they fell pregnant. Women who feel for submissive, less dominant men often had fewer surviving offspring as their mate was unable to protect them from the elements—whether they be wild beasts or neighbouring tribes. As a result of this, over time, the genes of the women who desired strong, dominant men won out, so naturally, this was the genetic code that survived throughout the ages.

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