3 Crazy Domination Fetishes You Never Heard of

3 Crazy Domination Fetishes You Never Heard of
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3 Crazy Domination Fetishes You Never Heard of

3 Crazy Domination Fetishes You Never Heard of

Sexual fetishes range in their extremity. There are some that you’d be able to accept and understand but others will have you scratching your head. Today, we’re going to reveal to you three insane fetishes we’ve come across; maybe you’ll even take to a few of them.


There is a growing obsession regarding Macrophilia. It’s not a term you come across every day, but Macrophilla is when a man desires to be dominated by giant women. When we say giant, we don’t mean 7ft tall, we’re talking hundreds of feet. Obviously, women like this don’t exist, at least not to our knowledge, but fantasies like this are often played out through pornography using CGI. Men can also entertain this fantasy over the phone with a femdom. During this erotic fantasy, women will trample on toy cars to showcase their immense size.


Psychrophilia is the fetish of freezing yourself or others. Seeing someone’s skin turn blue/ pale is a fetish for some people. People have purchased walk-in freezers in order to explore this kinky fetish. Although there are safeguards in place so that things don’t go too far, Psychrophilia can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing; even then it’s not really advisable.


Vorarephilia is a fetish that we hope is strictly based in fantasy. Vorarephilia is the desire to eat someone, and we’re not talking about any form of oral sex, we’re talking about full-blown cannibalism. Although it’s unclear as to what body part(s) would be eaten, if your partner was into it, it’ll make you think twice the next time you want to put your finger in their mouth. We know that some people enjoy the taste of bodily fluids, such as cum, sweat, urine, or even faecal matter. However, the want to fully digest someone’s limb is quite fetish.

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