The Rise Of Daddy Dom Fantasy Play

Domination play has risen sharply in the last 15 years. One of the most popular sub/ dom role play scenarios is the daddy dom, little girl (DDLG). During a daddy dom session, the girl will refer to her male partner as master or daddy. She’ll receive treats and rewards for being good and punishments for being bad; these punishments may include spanking or being put in ‘the naughty corner’. She may dress up for her ‘daddy’ in a school uniform and pigtails during the role.

The Rise Of Daddy Dom Fantasy Play
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The School Girl Fantasy

The image of an innocent schoolgirl with a naughty side is a fetish for some guys. To go along with that fetish, many women like to be viewed upon as delicate, innocent flowers. By playing the part of a school girl, the female submissive can reminisce about an easier time in her life whilst enjoying the dominant side of her strict ‘daddy’. Equally, she knows that when she’s behaving badly, ‘daddy’ will deal with her sexually. As you might have already guessed, this combination makes the daddy dom, little girl roleplaying game perfect for many couples. Despite what many people may believe when it comes to daddy dom play, it actually has nothing to do with age. The rise of DDLG is due to the taboo nature surrounding it.

Incest and Daddy Dom Play

Although the couple is not related, it’s the thought of doing something kinky they get enjoyment out of. In actuality, the female submissive is never referred to as daughter; more often than not she’s referred to as ‘babygirl’ or ‘little girl’. Those who participate in such a fantasy would probably say that there isn’t much difference in DDLG when compared to traditional domination play. That being said, the daddy dom scenario does contain a few characteristics that differ from regular domination play.

The Role of Daddy

The dominant player in this fantasy is seen as the protector, guide, teacher, anchor, and punisher of the one who serves under him. The role of ‘daddy’ involves more than just getting his ‘babygirl’ obeying his every command, it’s about devoting himself to the lady who’s entrusted herself to him. Naturally, guys tend to jump to the aid of women whenever they’re in danger, this is an aspect that’s played on heavily in regard to DDLG.