Telling Your Friends About Your Fetishes

To be honest, whether you ought to tell your friends about your fetishes is up to you. However, why don’t you ask yourself as to why you feel as though you have to tell them anything. There’s nothing wrong with having a private life, separate from your friends. Even though we’re living in an age in which people feel the need to share everything, we can keep somethings to ourselves. However, if you just want to bring your friends into your world, you’re free to do so. It’s important to keep in mind that some people may not be ready for all of the details you have to share, so bring them in slowly.

Telling Your Friends About Your Fetishes
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Starting the Conversation

If you’re not sure as to how your friends will react to what you wish to share with them, why not bring up something a little more vanilla beforehand? Judging by their response, you should be able to gauge their reaction as to how they’d react to something a little kinkier. Don’t feel as though you have to tell them about everything that you’re into all at once. If you want to, you can spread out whatever it is you’d like to share with them over a few days, weeks, or even months. Give them time to digest what you’re into, especially if you’re into some real hardcore stuff.

You May Not Be as Alone as You Think

We live in a world in which sex isn’t as taboo as it once was; fetishes are widely talked about now, so you may learn that your friends are just as kinky as you. Despite that fact, you should never feel guilty for keeping things about yourself a secret. We found that the reason as to why most people want to share this information is because they feel alone, especially if they don’t have people outside of their close friends to talk about this stuff with. If you don’t think that your loved ones are ready to hear about what you get up to in the dark, there are plenty of forums for you to share your experiences on.