What It Means to Be a Human Ashtray

What It Means to Be a Human Ashtray
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What It Means to Be a Human Ashtray

What It Means to Be a Human Ashtray

To explore your sexual urges and becoming a human ashtray can be a thrilling experience. Living to be treated like trash can be a freeing and exhilarating time as you give your power over to a domineering bitch who will use and abuse you in ways you could never fathom; this is what it means to become a human ashtray. More often than not, dominating women love to have men crawling beneath their feet, they enjoy being in control and calling the shots. Guys who are attracted to these controlling ladies take pleasure in the fact that they will be degraded and used like a piece of scrap. However, if that is what turns them on, what’s the harm in it?

The Lure of Controlling Women

To be treated like garbage and humiliated is something that makes even the most powerful of men weak at the knees. It’s a feeling like no other that they grow to love as for once in their lives they will be able to surrender themselves to someone who is more superior. There are many ways in which people can explore their BDSM fetishes, so, whether it be through financial domination, roleplaying, chastity belts, or anything else you can think of, the sky’s the limit when it comes to sexual fantasies.

You’ll often find that those who have a smoking fetish love to be used as human ashtray; in many instances, you could say that these two fantasies are one in the same. Exploring your wild side can be frightening but soon enough you’ll be able to appreciate the freedom that comes with expressing yourself without restraint. In time, you’ll be unapologetic about showing the world what’s really on your mind.

Finding the Perfect Mistress

Finding a mistress to treat you like an object and use you as an ashtray may not be as difficult as you imagine. Plenty of women enjoy being mistresses, so there’s more than enough women in the world to help you bring your fantasies to life. If you’re not yet able to engage in the world of domination, why not take advantage of our super-cheap phone sex line? We have girls online all day and night who will expose you to the depravity of BDSM.

Be accepting your desires, you’ll be able to embrace this lifestyle without fear or regret. You will no longer feel like you’re hiding who you really are, nor will you feel shame for doing something you enjoy. If you feel like trash and want to be treated like it, that’s up to you, whatever you enjoy is fine with us. Trying new experiences and living for fun is what life is about; there’s a massive difference in regard to plodding along in life and living up to your full potential. Sex is something that many people are still shy about, but this doesn’t have to be the case, not anymore.

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