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Not every guy is cut out to be an alpha male, you are the living proof of that. You aren’t a scaredy cat in your everyday life, but within your own fantasies you are a submissive wimp who wants to live under the stiletto heel of a powerful, dominant bitch. Whilst you dream of handing your body over to a strict vixen to use as she wishes your cock is beginning to harden, so, why don’t you do something about it?

Perhaps the people you encounter in your everyday life don’t know about your guilty secret. Maybe you think that the things you are into would be too much for them to accept. No matter what it is that has kept you from exploring your depraved nature, that all ends here. We know that your daydreams centre around being overpowered and restrained by a cruel mistress who wants to use you for her pleasure. Failing to satisfy her would incur awful penalties and physical punishments, but still, you want to venture into the perverted playroom where a strong, dominant bint is awaiting you.

Overbearing Wenches Online
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The beauty of your dream mistress is way out of your league; deep down you know that a woman of her loveliness would never fall for you. The most you can hope for is that your fantasy femdom is satisfied with your feeble attempt to please her; let’s just hope that she doesn’t actually laugh aloud at your miserable naked body. You will be required to remove every stitch of your clothing to demonstrate your sincerity before your domination session can commence. Prostrate yourself before her and wait for her to address you.

Whether your penis is large or small doesn’t matter to the hardcore bitch you will meet on our shag line. The truth is, the kinky mistress you wind up talking to may order you to refrain from touching yourself, at least until she has had he fill with you. Your balls will soon begin to ache as they long for your darling mistress, the woman of your dreams.

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The strict dominatrix’s on our line may demand that you do your utmost to please her by giving oral attention to her gorgeous pussy. To be honest, you should consider it an honour to be able to place your wasteful tongue upon such a glorious snatch. Should your tone of voice not reflect the sincerest humility when you address her, your chosen mistress may dismiss you without a further thought. If you employ flattery when you introduce yourself, if you sing her praises, and if your words excite her, you may just earn her attention.

Can you just picture your fantasy mistress right now? She is resplendent in figure-hugging clothing and her posture is reminiscent of a Greek goddess. The best phone sex of your life is but a moment or two away, the question is, are you ready to go where very few men have the balls to go?