Giantess Telephone Play

Call now and enjoy the most erotic, crushing, fantasy play in the whole of the UK. On our giantess chat line you can fantasise about what it would be like to be shrunk to just a few inches. Once you’re in your miniature state, our sexy femdoms will be able to rule over you in a way that no woman has been able to do before. If you disobey our vixens you’ll be putting yourself at risk. Our girls won’t bat an eyelid if they have to crush you for being insubordinate. Whatever dirty things you’d like to get up to after shrinking to the size of an insect is fine with us. You can have our girls put you in between their huge tits so they can carry your tiny ass around with them all day. You better be careful though because one wrong move and you’ll be done for.

Giantess Telephone Play
0908 145 4847

Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply.

Most Taboo UK Sex Line

If you’re lucky, our giantess babes will allow you to explore the innards of their wet cunts or smelly arses. Wherever you fit in, you can explore. Our girls don’t mind where you plan to go, as long as you do as you’re told once there. Our fantasy service is by far the most taboo sex line in England. There are many things that get explored on our chat line, many of which can’t even be spoken about in public. On our cheap, giantess shag line you will be able to fantasise about being put inside the hot mouth of a real slut. Let her swirl you around with her tongue before spitting you out into her palm. For most of our callers, being tossed around by the wet tongue of a giant slut is enough to make them explode. However, due to your miniature size, our girls won’t even be able to taste your jizz as it drips onto their tongues.

Giantess telephone play is something that has been growing in popularity, as well as many other fetishes that we have come across. There is just something about being rendered powerless that seems to drive our callers wild. On the same time, the Amazonian bitches we have online seem to revel in the fact that they are able to strike fear in the hearts of men. Having control over the pathetic weasels that call them, gets the slits of our babes wetter than any ride at a theme park ever could. If you want to experience what it is like to be totally dominated by a humongous femdom, give us a call today.

Amazonian Fantasy Chat Line

You won’t find a better giantess fuck line than this in the UK, no matter how hard you look. We have put everything we have into creating a chat line that goes above and beyond what anyone could ever expect. Pleasure is pretty much a guarantee at Domination Online, if, of course, you are able to withstand the torture that our femdoms will put you through. Call now for an epic session of giantess phone sex, it’ll crush your soul if you miss out on this chance.